Loshu Grid (Chinese)

The Losu Grid is also known Chinese Numerology. The Lo Shu Square 3×3 is a square. Chinese literature dating from as early as 2800 BC tells the legend of Lo Shu or “scroll of the river Lo”. In ancient China, there was a huge flood. The people tried to offer some sacrifice to the river god of one of the flooding rivers, the Lo river, to calm his anger. Then, there emerged from the water a turtle with a curious figure/pattern on its shell, which at the time was considered to be a very auspicious omen. It is also known as luxmi yantra in India. This square was remarkable because every horizontal, vertical, and diagonal row added up to 15. Fifteen is the number of days between the new moon and full moon respectively. The number five is highly regarded in ancient China and this magic square contained a five number in the centre of this Loshu Grid. If number 5 is present in the date of birth then the native have balanced outlook.